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Electro-Fashion, Sewable Light Kit, Flat Easy Sew LEDs

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Color: Blue

This fantastic new Electro-Fashion kit from Kitronik has been specially designed so that electronics can easily be used in textile applications - without soldering!

The kit includes conductive thread (which is a thread that can be used like cotton thread but conducts electricity like a wire), our own custom designed Sewable Coin Cell Holder, one coin cell battery, and two ultra slim, pre-mounted, easy sew E-Textile LEDs.

The coin cell holder has the benefit of large, easy-to-stitch connection points (no more difficult little holes!) and clearly marked terminals that show the battery polarity.

The LEDs are less than 3mm tall and are also clearly marked with '+' and '-' to indicate which is the positive and which is the negative connection. The PCBs are double sided, making the conductive thread connection very reliable (see example picture below).


  • Ultra Slim Sewable LEDs.
  • Easily add lights to textiles projects.
  • Easy-to-stitch connection points.
  • Clearly marked '+' and '-' connections..
  • No soldering required.


LED Colour Variants:

  • Blue - Product Code: 2735
  • Green - Product Code: 2736
  • Red - Product Code: 2737
  • White - Product Code: 2738
  • Orange - Product Code: 2768
  • Yellow - Product Code: 2769


  • Sewable Coin Cell Holder Length: 34mm.
  • Sewable Coin Cell Holder Width: 20mm.
  • Sewable Coin Cell Holder Height: 4.5mm.
  • LED Length: 15mm.
  • LED Width: 6.5mm.
  • LED Height: 2.7mm.
  • CR2032 Battery Height: 3.2mm.
  • CR2032 Battery Diameter: 20mm.


  • Scissors.
  • Needles.