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KaiBot Advanced Screen-free Coding Cards

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KaiBot Advanced Screen-free Coding Cards

Set of 100 advanced coding cards. Includes, movement, logic, functions, repeat, conditionals, variable, SEL, color plus more. Durable, water-resistant finish

With this 51-deck of colorful coding cards, you’ll be able to create a variety of interactive programming projectsKids can build on their critical, foundational skills and start simple, then progress to advanced programming skills. Skills learned can easily transfer to other programming languages. 


The motion cards relate to the movement and direction of the KaiBot, but these cards can also be used in fun activities to get kids to act out coded programs, like navigating around furniture and obstacles.  

The green * on the card indicates to add a Number card afterwards to specify how many KaiTiles to move or turn. 

Movement Category Coding Cards:

Program & Function

Program cards manage the basic flow of the program in an organized fashion. They also include function cards that can be used to record seperate routines outside of the main code.

Using KaiBot tap each card to record the program, then tap on the Run Program card to play the recorded program. 

Control Category Coding Cards:


Conditional statements always have an “if” part, which tells the program what to do when the condition is true and an “else” part to perform when the condition is false. “else” is optional.

Conditional Category Coding Cards:

Loop & Repeat

There are two types of loops. Loops will repeat a set number of times. To set the number of times,  place a green * number card after “loop start”. “Repeat until” will continue until the condition is no longer true.

Loop & Repeat Category Coding Cards:


Numbers can be used in conjunction with movement, conditionals, loops & variables.

Number Category Coding Cards:



A variable is a container that holds information that you can access, much like a basket of 3 apples, if you add or remove apples then the value of apples in the basket goes up or down.

Variable Category Coding Cards: