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Kitronik Discovery Kit for the BBC micro:bit

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The Kitronik Discovery Kit for BBC microbit is a great way to get started with both programming and electronics. The Kit contains five experiments that start very simply, building up to simulating real world systems as confidence grows.

The included booklet assumes no prior knowledge and contains detailed information about everything the new user will need to know. It covers everything from using a prototyping board to how to use the Microsoft MakeCode Editor, and everything in between. This is the ideal kit for someone who is new to the micro:bit, electronics, and coding.

The kit contains five experiments and all of the components required to complete them. Each experiment has; a complete code walk-through, a circuit diagram and a top-down breadboard view, full explanations of what is happening, and how the electronics work.

This kit does not include a micro:bit, a micro:bit can be obtained from here.
No soldering is required and you can build your first circuit in minutes!

This kit offers a great introduction to both coding and electronics.
No soldering required - build your first circuit in minutes!
Make the 5 experiments in the step-by-step tutorial book and learn as you go.
All parts are included to conduct the 5 experiments.
Once you have completed all of the included experiments, you have the perfect prototyping system for further adventures with the micro:bit.
The code can be created in Microsoft's easy to use MakeCode editor.

1 x Breadboard breakout for the BBC micro:bit.
1 x Small Prototype Breadboard.
2 x Red 10mm LED.
2 x Yellow 10mm LED.
2 x Green 10mm LED.
10 x 330Ω Resistor.
1 x Piezo Element Buzzer.
10 x Male to Male Jumper Wires.
The included experiments are;
LED Control Circuit.
Buzzer Jukebox.
Lights in sequence.
Digital LED Thermometer.
Traffic light with pedestrian crossing.

1 x micro:bit
1 x USB Type-A to Micro-B USB Noodle Cable.o-B USB Noodle Cable