Kitronik E-Textiles Kit for the BBC micro:bit


This kit is a great way to get started with creating BBC micro:bit controlled E-Textiles projects and designs.

We have selected a number of products from our Electro-Fashion range, including five regular 5mm LEDs, ten of our ultra-slim LEDs, ten crocodile clips and 6 meters of conductive thread. There are enough components for you get started immediately to create our Emoji Bag and Rocket Pencil Case projects with enough extra LEDs and Crocodile clips to also create something of your own design.

Great savings over buying individual components.
All of the e-textiles parts you need to complete two of our tutorials plus a design of your own.
Enough Electro-Fashion components to get started immediately with E-Textiles.

5 x Sewable Red LED boards.
5 x Sewable White LED boards.
5 x White 5mm Diffused LEDs.
10 x 28mm Crocodile Clips.
1 x Electro-Fashion, Conductive Thread, 6m.

Ultra Slim Sewable LED Length: 15mm..
Ultra Slim Sewable LED Width: 6.5mm.
Ultra Slim Sewable LED Height: 2.7mm.
Crocodile Clip length: 28mm.
Crocodile Clip Width: 5mm.
Crocodile Clip Height: 10mm.

E-Textiles compatible needles.
BBC micro:bit.