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Metal Hydride Storage Canisters

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Compact and safe hydrogen storage at low pressure.

The metal hydride storage canisters (MHS) from Heliocentris Academia GmbH allow safe and compact storage of relatively large amounts of hydrogen at low pressures. Heliocentris’ metal hydride storage canisters can store a multiple amount of hydrogen in comparison to a pressure storage at low pressure.
The metal hydride storage canisters are available in three different dimensions with storage capacities of 200 Nl and 800 Nl hydrogen at 25 bar filling pressure.The MHS 200 storages comply with the Art. 4.3 and the MHS 800 with the category 1 of the pressure equipment directive lowering the barriers of hydrogen usage in contrast to pressure storage devices.


The Heliocentris metal hydride storages are equipped with a low temperature AB2 metal alloy on a TiMg base:
– absorb the hydrogen in the alloy lattice after adsorption at the surface
– can store hydrogen at high volume- and low weight density (ideal for stationary application)
– has a low plateau pressures at about room temperature
– has a low thermal conductivity

The canister is designed as a passive surface cooled system. Heat ducting can be applied by the user with air ventilation or water cooling.

Temperature Handling

The nominal parameters of the canister are defined for a canister surface temperature of 20°C. The absorption/ desorption performance of the storage can be sensitively influenced by thermalizing the canister surface by:
− cooling the storage surface for absorption (filling) by water or air with 5 5 20°C
− heating the storage surface for a continuously desorption by water or air with 20 5 50°C
− usage of the ambient air with passive or active ventilation

Integration, Usage and Safety

An integrated quick coupling allows an easy and safe connection to an individual hydrogen source. The storage is equipped with a pressure and temperature relief valve to avoid dangerous conditions.

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