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Smart Science IoT Kit : micro:bit climate sensors kit for IoT learning(without micro:bit)

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【microbit IoT:bit】ELECFREAKS Smart Science IoT Kit is developed based on loT:Bit, a new breakout board compatible with science sensors such as the ultrasonic sensor, dust sensor, light sensor and water level sensor, including RTC Timing and WIFI module.

【Micro:bit + Internet】Support Thingspeak/ IFTTT Oline Education to Learn Infinite. You can gather data via the sensors and send data to the cloud with more stable and accuratedata analysis.

【IoT:bit Characteristic】(1) Intergrated ESP12F WiFi, RTC, earphone jack and passive buzzer (2)Adaptive for Building Blocks (4 standard spacing fixed holes) (3)Separately lead IIC interface, directly plug in OLED, BME280 and IIC,etc

【Fun Smart Science Case】You can build scene like Air quality monitoring, Environmental noise detection, An environmental quality monitoring station, An automatic irrigation detection, A self defense monitoring station and more.

【Graphical Programming Languages】 Rich makecode graphical programming blocks allow kids to learn programming from the simplest to more complex.【TIPS 】WITHOUT micro: bit and BATTERY !!!! Suitable for ages over 12 years old


micro:bit Smart Home Kit: Sensor:bit breakout board


Sensor:bit is a breakout board based on micro:bit



1.Extend most IO ports by GVS terminal. 2.Independently lead out IIC interface. Enable to plug in IIC components like OLED, BME280, etc.. 3.Integrated a buzzer and an audio jack. 4.Support building blocks interface. 5.Mark out each IO port with silk printing.

micro:bit Smart Home Kit: Exquisite Sensor (Not Include micro:bit and Battery)

microbit sensor kit

micro:bit Smart Home Kit: Exquisite Sensor (Not Include micro:bit and Battery)

microbit starter kit

microbit smart home kit is easier to stimulate children's creativity and imagination!

Kids can use sensors to learn micro:bit from simplest to more complex. They use programming to achieve what they want. It better improves children's interest in programming!