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xTool F1 Slide Extension

by xTool
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$229.00 - $229.00
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Slide Extension for xTool F1

Fast & Easy Process in 4X Area


Smarter Processing with Larger Projects

Bigger Project Cutting


Process in Batch

Long Enough to Do All
the Projects on Wish Lists

Process 500+ Materials with xTool F1

Easy to Use from Unbox to Project Done


Directly Plug in to Use

xTool F1 Slide Extension is preassembled, and no extra installation is needed. Take it out of the box and plug
in the cable. That's all you need to prepare to engrave
or cut.

Perfect Alignment with Scale Rulers

Put materials on the Slide Extension, and use scale
rulers to know the exact coordinates of materials
placed on it. We design the absolute coordinates to
make the coordinates in the xTool Creative Space software exactly the same as the scale rulers on
the extension.

Easy Focus, Smart Framing

Same as using xTool F1, manual/auto focus and outline/frame preview are applicable to slide extension
as well. During the preview, you can turn the knob to move left/right the extension to preview the entire working space of the extension.

Engrave & Cut in One Button

With a simple push, slide extension will automatically move to engrave and cut all your design.

Detailed Designs that Elevate the Finish

New Cutting Panel Design

The cutting panel provides enough space under the materials for airflow during cutting, and will bring a cleaner and smoother cutting finish.

Two Metrics on the Ruler

The Slide Extension provides both mm and inch metrics to avoid extra calculations.

2 Clamps for Edges

Use 2 clamps in both up and down edge slots to fixate thinner materials firmly.

3 Clamps for All Shapes

Use 3 other clamps in various ways to hold thicker projects in place.

Easy to Use from Unbox to Project Done

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